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Wooden Fence Cleaning To Maintain Your Tuscaloosa Perimeter

Wood fence cleaning

If your home's fence could use a cleaning service from an industry pro, it's time to contact E5M Hydro Wash to schedule a fence cleaning. Mold, algae, mildew, and exposure to rain and other elements can make your fence in the Tuscaloosa area look worn and old, but chances are, it just needs a thorough cleaning. Our pressure washing specialists provide the best results every time, and not just in fence cleaning! We also offer high-quality sidewalk cleaning and rust removal, too. All of our services in Tuscaloosa come with free estimates and consultations, so don't hesitate to contact us today about your next project.

Fence Washing Can Extend The Lifespace Of Your Wood Fencing

If you’ve never gotten a fence cleaning before, you might be wondering what the service entails. You can’t just scrub your fence with a brush, soap, and water to get a thorough clean. You’ll need to use pressure washing equipment if you want to get deep into the surface and remove the ingrained gunk and grime.

At E5M Hydro Wash, we use a combination of high-pressure washing and low-pressure washing, also known as soft washing, in our fence cleaning services. This type of cleaning combines low water pressure with specialized detergents and solvents, which allows us to get into surfaces and draw out the impurities without worrying about causing any damage.

Interested in learning more about our fence cleaning or any of our other services, like house washing? Make sure to contact us when you want the best pressure washing for Tuscaloosa.

Why Clean Your Fence?

Over time, your residential fence might lose its visual appeal after developing all kinds of organic growths and accumulations, such as dirt, mud, grass trimmings, fungus, and more. Not only are these growths unsightly, but they can also significantly reduce the structural integrity of your fence. No matter what kind of material is used in your fencing, you need a good fence cleaning every few months.

At E5M Hydro Wash, we use high-quality, commercial-strength pressure washers that can get deep into the surface of your fence to draw out all the dirt and grime to return your fence to its former glory. This is especially useful for metal and most wooden fences, which can get particularly dirty during four hot Tuscaloosa summers. You want to make sure your fence is in its best condition, visually and structurally, so it can serve you year-round.

For softer wood fencing, we use a different technique known as soft washing. If water is blasted at your fence at too high a pressure, it could easily damage the surface and leave behind ugly marks or dents in the paint. Soft washing uses a combination of lower water pressure and special detergents and soaps to clean your fence without harming the delicate surface underneath. Don’t worry-- every product we use is completely eco-friendly and safe for use around you and your family.

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